Architecture for disaster relief first Asian woman to win Norman Foster scholarship

Malaysian citizen Nauraf Ismail was elected as the first Asian woman to win the RIBA Norman Foster Travel Award.
£ 7,000 ($ 8,780) grant, now in its thirteenth year, supports an architectural student with a period of international research on the subject of permanent existence of cities and towns.

As a winner in 2019, 21 year old City Noferves (alias Afaf), who is a student of architecture at the University of Malaya, will be traveling to cities affected by natural disasters to remain “disaster figurines” according to Foster Partners.

A grant of Malaysia Institute of Architects (PAM Travel Award for 2018) honored the first part of Afaf’s research, which was able to visit Lombok of Indonesia in January this year after the devastating earthquakes of August last year.

His mission is to study the process of rebuilding the community directly and to study how the architect fits the experience, which inspired his application for RIBA grant.

This win will enable Afak to spend 60 days in Hokkaido, Japan and Karachi, Pakistan (from August and November respectively), with NGOs working for the reconstruction of earthquake and flood-ravaged communities.

While living in Lombok, Hokkaido Afaf was planned to follow the community shading, Japanese architect Shigeru Ban and Karachi architect Yasmin Lari to monitor and monitor their work. Afaf, who hopes to specialize in disaster management after graduation, would like to follow his example.

Pritzker, who founded the non-profit volunteer network of engineers, developed a system to absorb the homeless earthquake survivors using recycled paper tubes, paperboards and clothes. The system provides a degree of privacy for people in the shelter centers, and the material can be recycled if needed.

Pakistan’s first architect Larry built many historic buildings in his native country, but was famous for his humanitarian relief work through the non-profit heritage foundation of co-establishment with his husband.

In order to provide shelter to the survivors, Lari made a system of shelters using traditional techniques and locally available materials such as bamboo and soil, which can be made available at a very low cost.

It has also developed clay cloth filled with agricultural waste and has set it on a high ground platform, to provide communities with a healthy place for food preparation.

For Afaf, these kitchens are most resonant. She says that this is more than just a job. “This is a place where women can be gathered.”

With more natural calamities due to climate change, the OFF sees an increasing need for the involvement of the architects in disaster management. She says that understanding the attitude of the villagers is the first step.
As an architect, we are trained to build houses for rich people or public buildings.

In [disaster-prone] societies, we need to look at structures including materials and institutions in a different way. Is unique everywhere. The work that can be done in Malaysia is not necessary in Pakistan, therefore the architects need to stand on those sites – they know people better. ”

When the award was awarded, Norman Foster said that the request to win “emerged for his obvious attention and objectives.”

Rana Norman Foster Travel Grant, worth 7,000 pounds, supports students in architecture with the durable city and the period of international research on the subject of the city’s existence.

City Novavav Ismail examines three cities affected by natural disasters; It has already completed the first phase of its research in Lombok, which will enable it to travel to the two cities of Hokkaido and Karachi destroyed by recent earthquakes. By working with local NGOs, SITE will detect the process of direct reconstruction of each community and examine the engineer’s suitability for that experience.

The jurors of the 2019 Scholarship include: Lord Foster (Founder and CEO, Foster + Partners; President of Norman Foster Foundation;); Ben Derbyshire (Head of RBA); Farsiad Mausvi (Founder, Farside Marine Architecture; Professor of Architecture; (Foster + Partners); and Joesh Bridges (Founder and Director of AZUCO, member of RIBA Education Development Group).

The jazz panel praised the “Assessment of Improvement” input by Winnabar Charlesson of the UCL by David Ballstrasse of Ferrara University, Tripoli Campus by Munirah Halaby of Beirut Arab University and “The Wood Age” Barlettet Architecture School, UCL.

Lord Foster said, “The ability of entrance and high quality for this year has given us a very challenging challenge,” the main attraction of the project was its clear focus and purpose. In the first phase of research, I wish him good luck and I am eager to see this project evolving during his visit. ”

“I am happy that the Norman Foster Scholarship has been awarded 2019 scholarship to City Norafaph Ismail from Riba Bank to support its research in communities affected by natural disasters, and I wish for every success of his visits to Hokkaido and Karachi. I am. “

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