Facebook put down, new iPad Pro updates and a stand-alone watch

Apple won the relatively quiet World Developer Conference (WWDC) last year, in which most software improvements and new devices were not announced.

This year, American technology giants returned a major show full of major changes in the broad range of Apple products and services.

While the introduction of a new high-quality computer valued at $ 6,000 and the killing of iTunes may remain the most headlines, in my opinion, there are more important changes that will bring the immediate benefit to the average consumer.

Is your iPad a Second Computer

Apple has announced the iPad Pro for years as a computer option, and it was often marketed. Then, at the end of 2017, Apple provided the iPad with the ability to eventually run two applications simultaneously. But still, many people felt frustrated with the lack of support for restricted file systems in the iPad Pro and external storage.

This will probably be fixed with the next iPad software update, the new name iPadOS. First, the iPad devices were mostly working on the same iPhone. Although iPadOS still looks like iOS, there are still many improvements that make the iPad their own product.

The biggest change: iPadOS brings repaired file system and external storage support. Previously there is a column view option that allows files to be previewed like a traditional computer, and a download manager so that the iPad user can find downloaded files immediately.

The latter means that users can now connect memory cards with digital cameras or external USB drives and transfer files between iPad and external storage independently.

IPadOS also offers easy copy and paste gestures (through three-finger punch gesture) and the ability to split individual pages into one application (together with two side-by-side words in the document, for example For now, I can not do anything on the iPad).

As someone who uses iPad Pro to edit the video and write articles, iPadOS should dramatically improve my productivity.

New sign-in tool: A Facebook help

Tim Cook of Apple was far ahead in criticizing Facebook’s privacy approach in the last one year, so it is understood that Apple directly deals with the problem with its SSO service.

Currently, when consumers download a new app or go to a new site, they are often asked to sign in with Facebook or Google. The Apple version, named “Sign In Apple,” is considered to be more secure because it provides less data.

As Craig Federer, Apple’s Chief Executive explained during the advertisement, on Facebook or with logging in with Google, a third party is required to obtain personal information from those accounts, in the form of hiding the transaction There is a way to properly identify someone.

Apple will use the iPhone Face ID for copy recognition

In addition, some sites require users to leave their email addresses when they sign in; Apple’s new authentication system will create a randomly generated “relay” email instead.

This allows users to receive email updates if they prefer, but from a third party perspective, they will only receive a “temporary” email address.

Apple Watch goes solo

In recent years, Apple Watch has become the best product reviewed by the company, and with WatchOs 6, the device has become more independent.

Previously, the use of the Apple Watch Clock was very much dependent on the presence of the iPhone. You need to download the app or software update for Watch, and even after adding e-support last year, the watch did not work automatically.

Watch OS 6 offers a separate app store for the watch, so that the user can download the app directly on their wrists without the iPhone.

Apple continues to pay the watch as a health monitor. The Health app includes many new features, including the ability to track menstrual cycle for women and a noisy control app that checks the level of noise and alerts the user if they reach an unsafe level. Uses. Apple says that the microphone only takes audio samples from time to time and does not store or send data anywhere.

It would be interesting to know how many times this alarm has been triggered in a city, which is very much like Hong Kong.

IPhone software enhancements

Compared to the iPad and Apple Watch, iPhone’s iOS 13 updates make less changes to the game but are more welcome.

The biggest spell of the keyword came during the beginning of Dark Mode, which gives the iPhone user interface a black rather than a white theme.

Darkness has become popular among Android enthusiasts (this oneplus skin and Huawei software is available) because the black background is easy in the eye and slightly reduces battery consumption on the OLED screen.

Apple says that users can expect an increase in performance, including 30% faster opening face ID.

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