How mountain film festival waking China up to extreme outdoor sports

Tina Qian Ying’s extreme outdoor sports passion began in 2000 when her first mountain in Sichuan – at an altitude of more than 5,000 meters (16,400 feet) – after her friends invited her to join her mission was raised.

“I’ve been running for so many years, so I was in good shape,” 45-year-old said, who waited for an hour at the top.
I realized mountain climbing, boundary testing and the challenges ahead. After that, I started the tough training to climb the mountain including rock climbing and snow and started climbing the mountain every year. ”

In addition to climbing the mountain, Qian practiced other hard games, on land, sea and sky: kayaking, snorkeling, skating and skydiving. He also participated in the marathon in 2003, and in 2005 joined Guilin in a first China adventure race for 24 hours with a partner. He was the only Chinese team in the award winners.

In 2010, a decade after its first entry to the mountain, Beijing’s former financial analyst decided to present the Bangfang Mountain Film Festival in China.

The annual festival originated in the Canadian Rockies and offers short films and documentaries about outdoor sports and nature – mainly its movies are not available in China. This project was easily accepted by Chinese film monitor.

“Many of my friends in China prefer outdoor sports, they spent a lot of time searching for rock climbing and skiing films and when we sent our films to the National Film Review, they did not see such films, they liked them and asked if they What kind of are they

China is now in Banff with a local festival among 50 countries. Banff organizes road shows and exhibitions around mainland every year and offers about 20 movies to China every year.

Since then, China has transformed into independent film events on running, skiing, mountain climbing, rock climbing and snow.

Training programs are also organized for Chinese documentary filmmakers.

Banff China also produced seven short outdoor sports films. In 2017, the film released the discovery of Christmas tree, tells the search of a Chinese team to climb ice on a frozen spring in the 15-minute film Shanxi Province, climb on it. Become the first Chinese-made documentary to be nominated for the Banff Mountain Film competition.

Qian says that the foreign mountaineers are surprised by the amazing scenes shown in the film.
“I have waited for a Chinese-made film to be selected for the competition for many years, such films allow China’s external facilities to be viewed globally.

“When Benf China visits [earlier] were organized, audience members were often asked why there were no Chinese products in the show.” I had to make it clear that the development of China in the external games and the level of film production were behind them in the West. ”

In a report of the China Association of Foreign Sports in 2013, it said that 9.5 percent of China’s population – 130 million people – attend at least once foreign games. According to the 2013 data released by the United States Outdoor Foundation, 49.2% of the US population

Qian says that participation in foreign sports as a modern lifestyle in China.

In places like the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, which have strong economies for a long time, children work as cyclists with their parents when they are wild and start climbing on the hills when they grow. So they spend the weekend.

“In China, there are difficulties in external areas which should be avoided, as the Chinese are getting rich in the last two decades, they have started talking about going back to nature to challenge themselves. Life is not about spiritual nourishment, spiritual luxury “.

For the mother of two people, outer sports have increased her self-confidence and endurance.

“People who love outdoor games are often open minded and curious all over the world, and my years of experience have helped me to discover the amazing outdoors of my flagship project [BANFF China] filled with uncertainties. In case of your traveling companions, you have to prepare for all the scenarios and the backup plans will be ready. ”

Qian regularly talks about his outdoor sports experiences. Last month, I spoke of the future exploration of a successful business leader in another conference at the Imaginary Planet organized by the Department of Future in Beijing last month, which is a body promoting scientific writing. He said in an interview with the post in the conference, though he had less time for the game after starting his business, his family on the road …

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