How Rocketman, Bohemian Rhapsody mark new era of rock biopics as viewers

If Hollywood screenwriter William Goldman “Nobody knows anything” proved to be accurate, it was last year.
The great success of Queen Rhapsody’s biography was not remarkable.

It has a turnover of $ 904 million at the World Box Office, making it the sixth most profitable film in 2018. It was not a sequel, it was not animated, it was not about superheroes, there were about four British rock stars since the 1970s.

Then there were the Oscars. Nominated for Bohemian Rhapsody in five categories, he won four Oscars: mixing sound, editing sound, editing films, and remarkably, Best Actor, Rami Malik, who starred in the Freddie Mercury Tournament. After the original director Brian Singer unloaded the project in the middle of the production, it does not get all the hope for a movie.

British director Dexter Fletcher was set to get the film on the finish line. So it seems almost proper that he returned with only seven months after Rockman at the end of the 1970s – this time about pianist Elton John

King Taron is focused on Egerton in the role of John in the film. At the age of 25 after collaborating with the film Bernie Tellin, Rock Star Millionaire focuses on her rise from “Fat Boy In Piner”.
“The film tries to be emotional, and it addresses some deep feelings and moments in their lives,” says Fletcher.

In contrast to the Queen’s film, a clear biography, RocketMan combines imagination with reality. He sees John’s sequence floating on the ground because he plays rock crocodile in the Tropodor Club. Other songs are presented as music numbers such as Busby Berkeley.

“For me, the musician has this great element that I say to be a moment or not,” says Fletcher. “Representatives can sing and open their hearts and can tell you what their inner voice says.” “This is an amazing story tool.”

Of course, it is useful that Elton John’s high-profile play gives the movie a complete Broadway music.

The film shows more than 85 changes in the wardrobe with the permission of fashion designer Julian Day, who is manipulatively wiped clean clothes, which John has to know (Dai has also worked on Bohemian Rhapsody).

Even view in rehabilitation – an ideal tool to detect the origin of John in the misuse of cocaine and alcohol abuse – I see wearing orange devil suit and cupular headdress.

Between all your foreign elements, Rocketman is the story of the search and acceptance of a musician, who shows John in his weakest position.

Fletcher says, “There was no such place where I could not shine.” “There was no dark corner where John had gone,” no! “If he fulfills the need of the film and wants to be at any particular time, then this is the place where we went … we left the plot of the story and it was its great power. At the same time, we also feel successful at many levels. ” “he said.

While the movies are quite different, the comparison between Rocketman and Bohemian Rhapsody is inevitable. Egerton described the latter as a “disturbing piece of entertainment”, but the big difference is that in the form of biography, this film does not need a representative who can sing – the owner of the voice The performance was supported by other singers.

For Rocketman, Egerton spent months learning piano lessons and singing. “We expect to show that there is a hunger for such films,” he says.

While Rockman is unlikely to become a “global phenomenon and success” – in the words of Egerton – as Bohemian Rhapsody, it has acquired more than $ 115 million worldwide. Still to be released in some areas, in conjunction with the final tour of Fairway Yellow Brick Road with John, which was peak at the end of last year in the UK and was involved until Egerton recently with John Did not join the forum

In the era of clean pop stars that dominate the charts, it seems that thirst for the stories of rock stars of the extra era is strong.

Production companies are now scrambling to activate other rocky stories. Johnny Flynn, who starred in the famous British movie The Beast vs. Jesse Buckley, was cast for the role of young David Bowie in Stardust.

The film describes 1971’s first visit to the iconic singer in America, a journey that inspired the creation of his book “Jiggy Stestust”. Jina Malone is about to play the wife of Angel Boy.

Baz Lurman, Australian director Strictly Ballroom and behind Moulin Rouge! , Currently on a film about the life of Elvis Presley.

Although no one has ever been named the King of Rock ‘N’ Roll, Tom Hanks has signed up as the mysterious manager, Colonel Tom Parker. Although it is hardly Elvis’s first autobiography – which was played by John Carpenter in 1978 by Kurt Russell – the idea that Luhrmann’s foreign lifelong Elvis is the story of hunger.

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