Rocker turned activist who founded a Bali festival

Sasha Stone is an interesting chapter. Witty and passionate about the reasons, it is difficult to believe that he has never been a hard-line worker – from human rights to sustainability, how to apply spiritual taxes on social enterprises such as taxes.

It looks like a rock star. Wearing like a rock star. In fact, he was a singer named Stone Ensemble years ago.

He says that he has earned enough risk to ignite his role as an activist, which has enabled him to start several projects including seven day Newerth Festival in Bali, which started on June 19 and 25 Runs till June.

“My day is focused on leadership and work at the grassroots,” he says. “Do not protect one or more of the defenders of the other, but because if we do not penetrate ourselves, like the men and women living in the soil, we will become extinct before successful in the fulfillment of our collective actions. Will be done. ”

In the past decade, communities have continued to incite the network of defenders, activists and academicians. They have recognized that to encourage international dialogue, diplomacy and religions, stone tells its own playground, as well as searches for natural justice.

“The activity is not needed to be on the verge of wrath, it should not be only anger or should not throw stones at the establishment, it should be about inspirational change within the organization, about the inspirational change within the status quo.”

Stone gives its public message in several ways. Founded in 2013, NewEarth is a group of similar minded volunteers that provides insight and experience to create a new way of conscious life.

He also established the International Court of Natural Justice in 2018, an illegally binding court, which was established with the objective of bringing change by increasing public awareness through court decisions.

NEF (established in 2017) is also produced by various peaks organized by it and recently produced films such as Apocalypse 5G: The Extension Event.

NEF 2019 will be held at Eco-Friendly Stone Resort in Bali’s Ubud, which is called Akasha New Earth Haven.

It celebrates the art, beauty and work awareness through music, movies, fashion shows, DJs, meditations, workshops, celebrations and more.

Apart from this, topics related to vaccines, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), 5G, synthetic medicine and health innovation will be explored in the three-day World Health Summit, centered around.

Stone coordinated the speakers at the ceremony and invited them, among other people, to the US director Del Pegumenty, who produced and acted in the controversial film Vaxxed – which has been criticized as a promotional film against the criticism – And American author and conspiracy theorist J.

Edward Griffin, 87, whose writings include the purpose behind the establishment of the US Federal Reserve System.

Sandra Rose Michael, 66, is the inventor and founder of the Energy Improvement System, who says “Help to maximize its energy by recharging its energy on the festival”.

“Sasha has contacted some experienced players,” says Michael. Everything starts with sowing seeds. He planted a big seed. Such a health conference revolves around providing information to empower people with their health and welfare. Most people do not know how to maintain their health in the toxic environment we live in.

We broke a beautiful planet but we have everything we need to fix it and clean it. We have to do this now, because we are in a serious situation. If we do not, then we are going to extinction. ”

Stone says that when he attracts friendly patrons to support his reasons, he does not host the festival to make money. According to the website, the seven day entry fee is $ 463 (US $ 320). Less than 5,000 participants from 50 countries are expected to participate in the week compared to 2,000 in 2017.

Stone says that visitors who attend the festival have a strong belief about what happens to the planet in terms of pollution and climate change. The effect of large pharmaceutical companies and what some drugs work, including vaccines; Strong mastery of multinationals, look forward to know more.

Can such an event really affect the change? Aridiah’s CEO, Nadia Al-Alawi, believes that if the concrete solutions are discussed then the festival and health seminar can be effective.

“After this incident, it will take a long way to put a positive impact on the health and welfare of the people present. I think this sounds like an interesting and really educational festival.” My daughter and I think about self service.

54-year-old Hong Kong expert Bobs Gaia and experienced environmental expert at the annual Bali Spirit Festival, joined the first NEF in 2017.

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