Top Honor 20 Pro full review telephoto, wide angle lenses welcome

Huawei’s sub-brand Honor launched its 20-series smartphone two days after Google announced, it will stop working with a large Chinese technology company to follow the instructions of the U.S. government, on its future Heavy shadow

Despite efforts to calm consumer fear, there is nothing about the fact that unless the U.S. government stops its overall attack on Huawei, Honor will be in a better position to suspend its new phone or to arrive But it will be dead.

It would be a shame, because you like something about Honor 20 Pro, although it is similar to a model released a few months ago.

The Honor 20 series is made up of three devices – something that has become a standard for phone brands: first-class Pro and Lite models and a standard device that collides with a happy midfield. This is Honor 20 Pro, which has been tested in this review.

Honor 20 Pro has many similarities with the previous version of the brand, View 20, which was put in for sale in January. Both phones have the same screen: Perforated 1080p LCD panel in the upper left corner to accommodate a personalized photo camera.

Similar to Kieren 980 chipset, similar to the 48-megapixel camera generated by Sony
Back is still attractive, there is a shield task to paint the colors, a tendency is tired, Huwai company started.

Both devices have the same dimensions: If you have mounted your monitor 20, then you will know how Pro 20 looks in the arm.

So what’s new? 20 Pro adds an 8 megapixel telephoto lens which is capable of achieving approximation without loss of 3X. This premium is not as effective as a “periscope” in the Huawei phone, which can also get around 5 times the loss and a big 10x size, but it would be worth it to compare the price-priced device to the highest possible price of this handset.

20 Pro also has a wide-angle camera and a 2 megapixel macro lens. The first is great – wide-angle cameras provide more space for sight, which helps in shaping and viewing – but the overall lens is characterized by loss and shortness.

Self-contained camera, located within a small 4.6-mm hole, is a 32-megapixel sensor, which improves the 25-megapixel 20-view lens. There is a scanner installed on the right side of the device which can be easily accessed with both hands.

20 Pro App runs on Google Android 9 with heavy EMUI skin from Huawei. The latter is the best decent. App icons are exhilarating, and some EMUI interfere with Android’s working methods (for example, by pressing two fingers on the screen of the disk, often the image recognition overlays with Huawei). But the animation is flexible and the phone does not suffer much more than the recession.

The 20-megapixel master 20 Pro, Sony IMX 586 has been used in at least six phones in the last few months (including View 20), so the performance is due to the difference image processing.

In general, the images taken by Pro 20 are fast and clean, but there is a cool environment similar to the Huawei phone. I think Honor and Huawei phones are great for capturing architecture and landscape, modern skyscrapers and new sports cars, but in human subjects, results often appear somewhat dry.

Zoom lens works as advertised; 3x zoom is clear, and even 10x digital zoom looks great. 20 Pro can get up to 30x digital zoom, resulting in granular images but still acceptable if remote capture is to capture something.

The macro lens described above can dazzle close-up shots when it is able to focus properly. But the lens is accurate, and unless you have a very strong hand, the shot will often appear blurry.

Video capabilities have been greatly improved. 1080p fixed and smooth video clips, and even holding 4K clips too by hand. This is a major leap from the hardware of Honor and Huawei since 2018. This improvement is built in both the main lens and telephoto due to the best software and optical image stabilization (OIS).

Like every Huawei or Honor phone, battery life is the best. Shipping is continuing throughout the day.
It is difficult to come to a conclusion about your spry receiver phone.

If Google’s removal from Huawei is not resolved soon, then no one outside China should buy this phone because it will lose Android updates and Google apps in a few months.

However, if temporarily and work on ban on the Trump administration has returned to Huawei in general, then 20 Pro is a powerful procurement process for those in the market, which is more expensive than the premium hardware more costly phones.

Despite American policy, in my opinion Honor 20 Pro comes very soon after Honor View 20 and its specification is very similar. I am looking for version 20 Pro in Cheaper 20, and later lacks a wide-angle camera and can not zoom in, but the rest are all the same.

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