Top Oppo Reno 10x Zoom full review and it’s much cheaper

In two years, the opposition receives advanced mobile cameras that provide approximately 10x (at least without the loss by quality of the quality when losing zooming quality) without loss by 5x technology and soon enough to receive.

Technology has finally been ready, but unfortunately for the company, Huawei P30 Pro has succeeded in removing them by providing the same technology in the last month.

However, despite the loss of the “first time in the world”, but there is a lot that can be praised with the Ren Reno 10x zoom version – it is not only applicable from the Huawei option but also the main phone, but also from Samsung. This is a modification of the model that comes with a 10x zoom lens.
Design and hardware

Renault design OBO is often less than its value. Almost completely without smooth back leading cameras In addition to simple logos and branding, containing black version of test on a metal gun on glass, making it clean and beautiful.

The 6.6-inch OLED display size in front is not blocked by clip or cracks. Painting is mostly flat, so they do not include curves to draw attention from Samsung Galaxy S10 or Huawei P30 Pro, but it’s easy to control. Where the stem unit LED flash with 16 megapixels and flying from one side: When you start the camera personal image, Renault starts to emerge.

This triangular shape is weird, “It has been started on Chinese media shark fin.”

Wide angle lens 8 megapixels; Zoom lens Sony IMX 586 sensor 48 megapixels in the right way: It includes the main unit of the camera behind the three lenses.

L shaped sensor light device vertically attached sensor images inside the phone pull the one side and stretched through a series of lenses on the phone: the same technology behind this lens with a zoom lens “Periscope” inside the Huawei P30 Pro. It allows, in addition to a lot of digital algorithms, to achieve Renault magnification results.

Programs and Features

9 system works on Android with its ColorOS program for the Reno System Cons. I have also been criticized ColorOS even before it is comfortable, but in the new version 6, because the Android has improved and the appearance has been improved.

The biggest improvement is to make ColorOS 6 to add application drawer (an important element in the Android phone) – so we now keep all applications on the iPhone home screen as well – and Google to match the extensive improvement of beauty design. The “content content” from “energy.” The applications are replaced by a flat design mouse, pulsate mouse skeuomorphism.

Regarding additional software features, ColorOS allows quick access to specific activities that occur in the applications, a shortcut menu can be passed from the edge of the screen.
Display and battery life

The most important thing can be tested using Renault, in my opinion, this new camera zoom 10x, and how to deposit and the Huawei Camera P30 P30 Pro. In general, Renault’s imaging works as advertised magnification, and can often maintain with Huawei.

Through a few clicks in the camera application’s lens of the camera, you can increase the size of the Renault remote object ten times. See sample image below: The image on the right uses 10x magnification, while the left image is captured without magnification.

The level of detail and clarity in the correct image is not possible to use a smartphone camera in advance. For example, you try the same magnification size 10x of the iPhone XS device.

When compared to P30 Pro Tools, the habit zooms / zoom out Renault may be somewhat less detailed, but in general the lens closed due to the high level of bright Renault (f / 3.0).

Well device without distortion of cylinder in the Samsung Galaxy S10 – First Oppo – This wide angle lens works. The camera key is 48-megapixel solid, but 12 megapixels have been shaped for additional information about the image image.

Easy to use this camera Sealife “Shark Fin” – You can be passed from the feeling of pop-up unit and resting up the durability and ready to shoot in second half – but provided by the opposition Pictures are always with Chinese phones as they tend to deal with heavy loads.

According to the overall performance of fast and smooth, Battery This phone works on the same Snapdragon processor 855 located in most prominent Android phones, or 6 GB or 8 GB of RAM; 4065 MA is enough to run the phone all day with ease on the length of time.

Think of all the major titles Modern Android version features:; Capacity semi-free loss (Huawei P30 Pro), Sony camera sensor correctly 48 megapixels (see Honor 20) camera pop-up personal picture (Vivo Aug soon, Wayne Plus 7) lifting; Smooth glass without afternoon collision camera (LG G8), and now all imagine in a package – this cons of Reno version 10x zoom version is in short.

It lacks wireless charging and waterproofing, but this phone gives an indication in other boxes. Starting the price of 3,999 yuan (US $ 595), Renault should be easy to care about those who are brilliantly interested in extending Huawei P30 Pro by the recent headlines, but they found that their prices are quite iPhone Level

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