Top Sony LSPX-S2 glass 360-degree Bluetooth speaker review

In the last few years portable Bluetooth wireless speakers have become a cheap item. Do We Really Need Luxury Glass Copy? More importantly, does anyone want to pay 7,770 HK dollars (US $ 990) for this privilege?

Which is yet to be seen. The stylish LSPX-S2 sound glass speaker is the latest in a long line of Sony’s One-Time Lifestyle products, which recently included the LSPX-P1 Portable Projector.

This handset is a more sophisticated and elegant version of the first model LSPX-S1, reminds at a time that some companies can take Sony to a candle when they are in “Brand” mode. You can see it.

Design and hardware

The speaker is a pure Sony: It is built on an extraordinary technique, and is stylish and expensive. This is not a product that is absolutely essential, but it is very attractive.

The candle is the essence of the speaker’s unique beauty. The LED can be set to glow at a different level inside a major glass tube, in which it is sufficient to read down from flicker to bright.

The headset was engraved with mechanical aluminum and measured 90 mm x 277 mm. It weighs 1.1 kg (2.4 pounds) and is easy to carry, but it is very easy to travel.

With 360-degree sound, the speaker is in its best form when placed on a table between the listeners. But at just 11 watt, you do not expect the sound to grow significantly.


How can the speaker benefit from his own glass cylinder?

Here is the technical answer. The tube is made of organic glass, also known as acrylic resin – a type of material used in windows in buildings, car headlights and sunglasses. Works as a loudspeaker and when the operator uses it, it vibrates. Advanced Vertical Drive sends the speaker up and down vertically through 360 degrees.

However, the real reason for using the tube is that it increases the surface area of ​​the loudspeaker compared to the regular speakers, which increases the music details.

There are some practical features beyond unusual techniques and elegant designs. Speaker rack, which includes a 35mm negative amplifier, has a 3.5mm jack to connect audio devices if you do not want to connect to the radio.

Otherwise, the music is inserted into the speakerphone from any smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth, although it also has a built-in Wi-Fi network that is compatible with Spotify Connect. The battery lasts for up to eight hours.

LSPX-S2 is one of the rare devices these days, you can not talk to – no Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri – though Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast are most problematic. Can Bluetooth really break it when it comes to sound quality? In fact, this can do.


LSPX-S2 is not that diverse, where many marketing talk about their skills in jazz and vocal music. These real rings; High-intensity rhythms and songs often resonate unwanted vibrations and vibration. Claude Debu, Claire de Lone, this is amazing;

This crystal is clear, which has extensions and very thick bags. Soundtracks of John Collitt’s “Ballad’s Crossroads”, though the speaker is very impressed by the sound: Chet Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Joni Mitchell, Nick Drake – the kind of thing

However, there are problems in the 360-degree speaker. You can choose a trumpet, violin or sound support, but because there is no traditional stereo left hand mode – and there is no original 360-degree music – the speaker’s design is slightly ahead of its age. Also its ability to run HD tracks – high-definition music sold in uncompressed formats – which are still a suitable market.

Although Sony has been suppressing high-definition sound for the last few years, it lacks the original 360-degree sound, which is currently bothering it. LSPX-S2 is trying to lift a point, but one is very stylish.
Consumer electronics show in Las Vegas was unveiled in January.

The speaker had 24 audio channels in 360-degree audio, with many ads on an exciting new music format called “360 Reality Audio”. Sony hopes that the new format will continue because it is often designed to transmit through mobile music broadcasting services and run through compatible headphones.

The LSPX-S2 has 360-degree integrated sound that is beyond easy listening, and can add 10 of those already in love. Sony’s Music Center then creates a multi-room system, as well as focuses on the intensity of LEDs, sleep timers, and Wi-Fi streaming from different apps on the phone.

The speaker is more clearly practical than the speaker.
The time will only determine if someone would want to pay extra for “music sound” and original music at 360 degrees, but if LSPX-S2 is anything else, then this is a great conversation.

The Portable Speaker’s extensive JBL range includes airport equipment, which includes Xtreme 2 ($ 215), a larger Bluetooth speakerphone. 140 x 290 x 130 mm and 2.4 kilograms, despite providing shoulder strap fully.

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