Why Year’s delay for new Singapore art fair aimed at reviving flagging market

New Art Exhibition Art SG was adjourned for one year by the end of 2020 with the aim of reviving Singapore’s dwindling art market. On Thursday, Art SG owners said that the decision was taken in response to requests from galleries and key participants for the preparation of the show. , Which was scheduled for November 2019.

There is not a major international art fair in the city after the cancellation of Art Stage Singapore a week before the start of this year on 24th January. This annual program was started in 2011.

Its founder, Lorenzo Rudolph, has strongly criticized the city’s ability as a technical center when asked about the sharp decline in the number of exhibitions participating in the recent years of the Expo.

In response to this, some traders and artists argue that the failure of the Art Stage had nothing to do with the city’s organizing, which many still continue to be a prosperous, efficient and geographical form to become the leading art center in Southeast Asia. To be advantageous from

Launch Art SG, as well as SEA Focus, a local boutique show held for the second time in January 2020, is an important vote of confidence in the market.

Art SG faced an initial shock in November 2018, when Art Basel’s parent company MCH Group was withdrawn as co-founder and investor after four months of the announcement of the exhibition.

Other exhibitors, Tim Eqls and Angus Montgomery Art, brought Magnus Renfrew to the Magnus and Child Health stake. Three parties launched ArtHK in 2007, which later became Art Basel Hong Kong, and recently launched a new art exhibition with another ArtHK partner, Will Ramsay in Taipei.

On Thursday, Renfro said that ArtSG will be a medium-sized exhibition with about 60 to 80 exhibitions, so that traders will be small enough to work with customers easily. Will open on October 29, 2020 He said that the team has started international sales efforts seriously after the spring Hong Kong.

We had great interest. International Exhibitions continue to explore the South East Asian market and see the point of presence of exhibition in Singapore.

In relation to maternal and child health, someone has to recognize their financial status after swat [janitor]. Swift has been withdrawn from the Grand Prix of Basel and he has to focus his energy on other things.

While maternal and child health problems show the weakness of the global welfare market, Renfrey believes that recession in developed markets will push the opponents to diversify into new markets only and search, such as South East Asia.

Applications will be open for participation in Art SG, and for the first edition of Art SG Exhibition, visit various cities for the recruitment of exhibitors.

The seventh edition of Art Stage Singapore ended on Sunday. One of the largest exhibitions in Southeast Asia, this year, 131 exhibitors from 27 countries saw the gathering under the roof of the Marina Bay Sands exhibition and exhibition center – less than 170 last year.

Compared with previous exhibits, some exhibitions include slow sales as well as shopping information at a relatively low price range. This business is mainly sold to buyers coming from overseas instead of Singapore.

Barcelona exhibit and co-founder of the Villa Dell Art Gallery in Amsterdam, Marcel Hauzman said, “It is not as good as we expected, buyers in the exhibition were more conservative The trader explained that businesses worth 14,000 to 40,000 euros ($ 14,901 and $ 42,574) were able to find their home.

“But it’s more difficult for businesses with more than 100,000 euros,” he said. “People do not feel comfortable at this price point.”

This tightening in the stock chain follows the slow performance of Singapore’s economy in 2016, which led to the disappointing predictions of GDP growth in 2017. In December, economists who were interviewed by Singapore’s Monetary Authority revised the estimate of the 2016 GDP growth to 1.4. Percent, below 1.8 percent in September.

In 2017, these economists expect the growth rate to be 1.5 percent. Within this reduced rating, there are finance, insurance, construction, wholesale and retail sectors that expect to be the toughest hit.

Lorenzo Rudolph, the founder and president of the arts platform Singapore, said, “Art industry is the world’s most traditional industry,” time is changing, both are changing economically and politically. “He said that this year’s non-commercial success prompted exhibition organizers to consider the direction of exhibition which can address wider issues in the art industry.”

Art is a mirror of the world society. Most buyers are from Singapore and not from Singapore. Singapore itself is a country based on materialism and consumption, and is more affected than global global recession.

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